The fiancé(e) visa is obtained after an interview at a US embassy abroad.  The immigrant fiancé(e) must marry the US citizen within 90 days of entry to the United States, and then apply for adjustment of status.

Generally, it is required that the US citizen and fiancé(e) meet in person within the two years proceeding the filing of the case.

The fiancé(e) visa is a good option if you are not married yet. Generally speaking, a fiancé(e) visa is also a faster route for getting a foreign partner to the US than consular processing for spouses of US citizens.

If the immigrant fiancé(e) has children, the fiancé(e) visa may be a better option as well. For example, if an immigrant stepchild is 18 years or older when the marriage takes effect, it may not be possible to bring the stepchild to the United States.  However, with the fiancé(e) visa, a child 18 years or older (but under 21) can use the  fiancé(e) visa of the immigrant parent to  immigrate to the United States.

We Have Competitive Flat-Fee Rates for Fiancé(e) Visa Cases



For typical fiancé(e) visa cases, the filing fees including Form I-129f petition and DS-160, are $800 (subject to change by the government).

Applicants for fiancé(e) visas will also need to complete a medical examination (approx. $300), obtain passport photographs, get at least one police clearance letter in most cases, and will be required to incur the costs of adjustment of status once in the United States.