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The crossover between immigration and criminal law is a complicated legal area that should be reserved for experienced lawyers. At the Law Office of Michael J. McCarroll, we bring years of experience across multiple jurisdictions in the area of “Crimmigration.” We practice both immigration and criminal defense, and as a result, we believe that we are better able to protect the rights of our clients than attorneys who handle just immigration matters or only practice criminal law. You owe it to yourself to hire a Denver immigration & criminal defense lawyer.

Avoid Costly Criminal Convictions Before it is Too Late – Work With a Denver Immigration and Criminal Defense Lawyer

Misdemeanor and felony convictions, even if later dismissed by the criminal court, may have serious immigration consequences, including the following:

  • The conviction may be for a “crime involving moral turpitude”
  • The conviction may be for an “aggravated felony”
  • The conviction may be for a “particularly serious crime”
  • The conviction may be for a crime recognized as a priority by ICE
  • The conviction may be for a “particularly serious misdemenor” – affecting the immigrant’s ability to receive deferred action (“DACA”)

Depending on the way the immigration law categorizes the state or federal crime, the immigrant who is convicted of the crime may have difficulty obtaining a bond or bail for release if arrested by ICE, or the immigrant may be unable to effectively defend against deportation.

We help draft plea agreements that do not result in unnecessary immigration consequences, including deportation. We also work closely with public defenders and other criminal defense attorneys to advise them regarding acceptable plea agreements for immigrants. Don’t hire two lawyers. Hire an expert Denver immigration and criminal lawyer.

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