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Being deported can make it next to impossible to return to the United States. If you are facing deportation, you owe it to yourself to consult with an experienced Denver deportation lawyer today. In a deportation case, time is not on your side.

We handle all deportation cases. Our ultimate objective is to win your deportation or removal case.


Comprehensive deportation defense has multiple stages, beginning prior to the initiation of proceedings. There are various ways that we can help you avoid deportation or removal from the United States, including:

  • Helping to avoid a criminal conviction that will result in deportation by working with the criminal prosecutor to fashion a plea deal that does not have negative immigration consequences
  • Using post-conviction relief to reopen and amend criminal convictions when the criminal defense attorney was inexperienced with immigration law and misadvised the defendant
  • Obtaining prosecutorial discretion to administratively close the case based on the priority system announced by ICE and though the careful presentation of the equities of the case
  • Defending the case on the merits through traditional defenses, including asylum, withholding of removal, convention against torture claims, cancellation of removal, adjustment of status and other waiver based defenses
  • Winning appeals and litigating the case at the appellate level
  • Requesting a stay of removal from ICE (Enforcement and Removal Operations) if the immigrant has a final order of removal

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Deportation from the United States is often the worst thing that could happen to someone, separating them from their family and tragically uprooting their life. We aggressively fight the Immigration and Custom Enforcement (ICE) attorneys in court to maintain our clients in the United States and keep families together.


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EOIR 42b (Cancellation of Removal for Non-Permanent Residents)

EOIR 42a (Cancellation of Removal for Certain Permanent Residents)

Waiver of Inadmisibility under INA 212(c) – Criminal Grounds

Waiver of Inadmissibility under INA 212(h) – Criminal Grounds

Waiver of Inadmissibility under INA 212(i) – Misrepresentations

Adjustment of Status(245a)

Adjustment of Status (245i)

Adjustment of Status (Registry)

Administrative Closure w/ Prosecutorial Discretion

Administrative Closure w/o Prosecutorial Discretion

Motion to Terminate (Based on Improper Charge or Lack of Certified Criminal Records)

Motion to Terminate (Based on Claim to US Citizenship)

Asylum (Race, Nationality, Religion, Politics, Social Group)

Withholding of Removal Under INA 241

Withholding of Removal (Convention Against Torture)

Deferral of Removal (Convention Against Torture)

Violence Against Woman Act (Cancellation of Removal)

Violence Against Woman Act (Adjustment of Status)

Temporary Protected Status (TPS)

Nicaraguan Adjustment and Central American Relief Act (NACARA)

U Visa, T Visa (for victims of certain criminal activity)

Review of USCIS Form I-751 Denial, Asylum Denial, Etc. De Novo

Refugee/ Asylee Waiver of Inadmissibility under INA 209(c)

S (“Snitch”) Visa for Cooperation with Law Enforcement

Post-Conviction Relief (Modifying/Reversing Criminal Convictions)

Special Immigrant Juvenile Status

Motion to Reopen Prior Removal Order