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Denver Immigration Lawyer Free Consultations

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Most good immigration lawyers, especially in the Denver area, do not offer a free consultation. Time is valuable, and immigration consultations are often very time consuming. We take a different approach. We feel that you should have an opportunity to meet someone and discuss your case with them before you commit to paying money. Perhaps you are unsure about your options, and require a consultation with an immigration lawyer just see if you have a case.

Denver Immigration Lawyer – Free Consultations (Cherry Creek)

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At the Law Office of Michael J. McCarroll, it is our goal to help individuals and their families successfully navigate the complicated legal system when they are dealing with a variety of issues related to immigration law. During your free consultation, you can expect the following:

  • We will do our best to answer your questions and make sure that you understand your legal situation even if it takes time
  • We will let you know if we can take your case or if we need to refer you to one of several other law firms that may be more appropriate for you
  • If we believe that we can assist you, we will quote you a flat fee price for your entire case so that you know the costs of your case from the beginning
  • We will take time to listen to your unique immigration situation and develop a personalized case strategy for you to achieve success
  • We will not charge you a dime!


Call us and we will quickly schedule you for a free consultation with our Denver immigration lawyer, Michael J. McCarroll.


“Immigration law is a mystery and a mastery of obfuscation, and the lawyers who can figure it out are worth their weight in gold.”

-USCIS spokeswoman Karen Kraushaar